Hungarian Riesling – Laposa Rizling2 2017

It was excellent in 2016, and though 2017 was much warmer, therefore not necessarily any better for whites, I had high hopes for this wine. It may not reach the heights I was envisioning but this is still a very good wine and one that I really came to like. Having tasted it side by side the 2017 Pannonhalmi Apátsági Pincészet Riesling I had the distinct impression that the Laposa was fermented with ambient yeast. I was factually wrong but poetic justice may still be on my side.

This is an effortless, spacious and inviting wine. The only letdown is the nose which is rather shy and doesn’t show much riesling character. But from the moment it enters your mouth you are won over by its charm. Beautifully balanced, juicy and refreshing with an almost oily texture and aromas of lime, orange complemented by pithy bitterness. Long finish with a touch of tannins.

5-6 points and at just above 9 euros it’s definetely a good buy. (Source: