Neat and tidy – Stift Göttweig Furth Riesling 2018

It’s been often debated whether great weather produces really great wines. According to the counter-intuitive reasoning there’s got to be some element of risk, some unforeseen accident that the vine struggles to overcome in order to make the wine extraordinary. Maybe. However there seems to be general consent that great weather produces great entry level wines. I have yet to taste more wines to claim with confidence that 2018 in Lower-Austria is proof to that proposition so let’s just say that this is my hunch at the moment.

The 2018 Furth Riesling is one of those wines that has nothing special about it. It doesn’t come from a big name, not even from a famed region and it is as cheap as an Austrian riesling can be. But it is highly satisfying. Like only entry-level wines can be. It doesn’t require a special occasion, there are no heightened expectations and it doesn’t ask you questions. You can lay back and sip it and count yourself lucky to have purchased it. Especially if you happen to sit in the shade of an old tree while there is sunshine all around you.

Inviting nose of medium intensity with white peaches, lime, flowers and herbs. The supple, refreshing palate is delicious and juicy as only a riesling can be. The sweetness of honeydew melon and ripe peach is offset by the vibrant and polished acidity and a gentle pithy bitterness on the finish. Pure delight.

6 points and great value at 11 euros.