Fritz Haag Brauneberger Juffer Riesling 2016 Grosses Gewächs

One of the yardsticks of the wine region Oliver Haag’s Brauneberger Juffer shines even in this difficult vintage. This is not so much about power or intensity but polish and poise.

The nose is complex and relatively shy by riesling standards and is more on the mineral side (diesel, flint, lemongrass and pears). The 5-6 grams of residual sugar is practically undetectable, the balance is excellent, the mouthwatering acidity is well-integrated and without any sharp edges. The finish is really long and rich with an intriguing saline aspect. A wine of sophistication. One gets the impression that it is still in an embryonic stage and needs a few more years to hit its stride.

6-7 points and 27 euros (Source: